Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger!

Yes, it's a whole new year and I think I posted about 5 times last year. I was good for a while and then just languished and didn't care much. I had a bit of a problem right after my last posting. I took a minor fall at work and injured my wrist. Don't even ask because I can't remember what it was, but I basically overstretched the tendon in my right wrist. (A common injury for skiers, from what they told me.) I reported it to my boss and we let it lie for almost a month when the pain became unbearable. So I did 6 weeks of therapy and, even though it's far from perfect, I'm better enough that most of life is back to normal.
The holidays were wonderful. My brother came to visit from North Carolina with his girlfriend and her daughter. Sweet girls! Course, Brandi is 15 and her Mama is a bit terrified by that mouthy thing all 15-year-old girls experience. So it's possible that Brandi might come up and spend the summer with us. Since I've "been there, done that", she didn't even raise a single hair at the nape of my neck. And Dee is excited about the whole idea. She's never been a big sister and here's her chance to understand Shelby's position.
Frankly, I'm thinking it's a great way to get back some of the slave labor I've lost... LOL!
On the Needles:
Too many projects. I have the Wool Peddler's Shawl in the Dream In Color colorway of Musk Melon. It's gorgeous! I have about 5 more pattern rows to go on the lower edge and then 5 rows of garter and I can wash and block. It will make a spectacular spring shawl. I knit it on a size 7 needle, so it's very lacy and light and airy. Not exactly a winter shawl, especially since our winter has been downright frozen.
Up until Christmas, I was able to use my trusty old basketweave shawl in alpaca instead of a coat. But wind chills are -0 at night now, so that's not an option anymore. And if the alpaca won't keep me warm, no way a fingering weight shawl knit on a size 7 needle will do the trick.
I did manage to finish three sets of fingerless mitts for Christmas with the wrist injury. But I have another one in progress and one more to go. No sweaters so far, though I have yarn to make 2 of them.
Master Knitter Level I:
The big news is that I finally did it. I signed up for the Master Knitter certification program. I bought my binder and yesterday went to my LYS and bought some gorgeous Cascade 220 for my swatches. I laughed when I got home. The yarn is a very pretty peach in color and, without realizing it, my binder is color coordinated... LOL!
I'm hoping to blog about the program as I make my way through the swatches and questions, etc. There's a group on Ravelry and a whole discussion board on The Knitters Guild Assoc (, but you never know if someone would like to read along.
I'm extremely lucky in that I have a Master Knitter in my spinning group. She served for many years on the judging committee for the program, so she's offered to look over my swatches before I send them to the committee for judging. Who could ask for better than that? My goal for 2010 is to complete Level I and also possibly Level II. If I knit two swatches a week, that will be the easy part. The questions will require more time because I'd like to sound like I know what I'm talking about and that's the real point of the certification... LOL!
So stay tuned while I build my binder and hope to become a Master Knitter! 2010 is going to be exciting and wonderful! I can feel it in my bones.

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